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Fully Assembled Warre Bee hive - Simplify Your Beekeeping Journey

Fully Assembled Warre Bee hive - Simplify Your Beekeeping Journey

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Made in the USA 

Wood is locally Sourced and built in Northern Wisconsin.

(Using Standard cuts. These typically have knots and occasional color variations) Select or premium wood cuts planed to perfection, is coming soon).

Welcome to the world of sustainable beekeeping with our Premium Fully Assembled Warre Hive. This comprehensive kit is designed for both beginners and experienced beekeepers, providing everything you need for a thriving bee colony and a rewarding beekeeping experience.

Key Features:

Quality Craftsmanship:
Our Warre Hive is crafted from durable and sustainable materials, ensuring a comfortable home for your bees and longevity for your beekeeping setup.

Optimal Design:
Thoughtfully designed to mimic the natural environment of honeybees, the hive includes a ventilation box for proper airflow and a convenient viewing window for easy colony monitoring. (Credit to Emile Warre for inspiration)

Versatile and Expandable:
Suitable for various beekeeping practices, the hive is expandable to accommodate a growing colony. Easily add top bars as needed, providing flexibility for your beekeeping journey.

Easy Assembly:
No need to worry about assembly - our Warre Hive comes fully assembled and ready to go. Simply find the perfect spot, set it up, and watch your bee colony thrive.

Complete Starter Kit:
This all-in-one solution includes the fully assembled Warre Hive body, top bars, viewing window, and ventilation box. Your beekeeping adventure starts right out of the box - just add bees!

Enhance Your Garden Ecosystem:
Beyond honey production, beekeeping contributes to pollination and biodiversity. By investing in a Warre Hive, you're not just getting honey; you're supporting the health of your garden and local environment.

Start Your Beekeeping Journey Today:
Embrace the art of beekeeping with our Premium Fully Assembled Warre Hive. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned beekeeper, this kit provides the foundation for a sustainable and fulfilling beekeeping experience. Create a thriving colony and enjoy the sweet rewards of honey production while contributing to the well-being of our precious pollinators.

Kit includeds:
- Base
- 3 Hive boxes with pre-installed Bars (13.25in x 13in x 8.25in)
- Quilt with Cloth
- Roof fitted with air flow slots
- PDF Starter Guide

If you're new to the beekeeping world. The PDF Starter Guilde will be emailed and help you begin!
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